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Facilities Management

Students walking into the D'Youville academic center

Submit a request to facilities management via department representatives to have work performed promptly.

The facilities management team are experienced employees dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. We strive to provide D'Youville with safe and efficient, world-class educational facilities. 

Our services include: campus safety, maintenance and repairs, operations (campus parking and switchboard) and construction management. For more details and help, visit My D'Youville.

Space Policy & Requests

Campus space is to be used for the highest priority needs of D'Youville as a whole.

D'Youville employees may request new space or a change in how space is allocated by completing a Space Request or Change Form (PDF) and forwarding it to the Mechanical Trades Manager for review and processing.


The intent of the space policy is to provide a systematic approach for evaluating space acquisition based on current and projected space utilization needs and assessments. The space policy is used to establish a guideline approved by the President's Council to determine the most effective and efficient utilization of institutional spaces. It is also used to promote the most effective use of D'Youville's physical facilities.

All physical facilities belong to D'Youville and are assigned to either an academic unit or department. Current users or occupants of the facilities do not own the space but may have control as delegated by the President's Council. A particular academic unit or department assigned to a space operated by D'Youville is subject to change.


An approved Space Request or Change Form (PDF) must be submitted before any change of use or modification to the space is performed.

The Vice President for Operations, in conjunction with the President's Council, will evaluate all approved space requests and will provide their recommendations to address the programmatic space needs.

Factors in Assigning Space

  • The interest of D'Youville as a whole.
  • The suitability of the space and the possible future uses with anticipated or ongoing construction, renovation, and planning of major space reallocations.
  • The costs incurred by granting the space and who will bear them.
  • The effects on people who must be relocated if the space request is granted.
  • Best interest of the unit's strategic plan.

Vacated Space Policy

This policy is to serve as a guideline for the allocation of space that is vacated by the tenants occupying a new building or school/college, department, unit or program that will be relocated, downsized or eliminated. When an academic unit or department vacates a space, the space will revert to Facilities Management and the President's Council will make recommendations for re-assignment.

If the space vacated is located in non-college leased space or occupied under an agreement, the renewal and continuance of the lease or agreement must be recommended by the President's Council before any occupancy or new negotiations take place. Any academic unit or department must send a notification that the space is no longer being used by the department or unit to the Facilities Management Department who will in-turn notify the President's Council of the vacancy. No department or college will forfeit space to another department or unit.

Re-Organized Units

If an academic unit, department or program is reorganized or eliminated, resulting in the termination of the program and/or faculty and staff, the space vacated will revert to Facilities Management Department and the President's Council will make recommendations for reassignment. If an academic unit, department or program reorganizes, but does not eliminate the program and/or faculty and staff, it is not considered vacated space and will not revert to the Facility Management Department for reassignment.

Updated: 7/26/13

Capital Project Requests

The President's Council at D'Youville reviews all requests for capital projects.

A capital project is for work that transcends routine maintenance. The following are key tests to determine if your request requires the completion of this form:

  • Will the project extend the life, change the function or structure of existing facilities? or
  • Once completed will the project impact the expense budget (i.e. additional personnel) and/or revenues (i.e. enrollment increase)? or
  • The project represents an expenditure not normally associated with the maintenance and repair of the facility (i.e. painting, blinds, carpeting or
  • Will this capital funding request change the nature or scope of your program by way of investment in technological equipment? or
  • Does this request address a Health, Safety or ADA Access deficiency?

Faculty and staff who would like to request a capital project for consideration must submit annual capital project request form.

  • Though the form can be completed and submitted for consideration at any time of the year, if the project is approved it will then be added to the list of capital project requests being considered for approval by the President's Council for the next fiscal year.
  • The President's Council reviews capital project requests in the fourth quarter of the year. 

Capital Project Request Form (PDF)

Recycling Policy

D'Youville's institution-wide recycling policy allows for a reduce in waste and promotes a clean, sustainable, and environmentally conscious campus.

The facilities management department will support this policy and monitor its progress with a goal of 100 percent college community involvement. In order to truly be successful, D'Youville needs everyone's help — faculty, students, and staff.

Constituents from varying groups across campus, including academic departments, student leadership and administrative groups gave key input and program buy-in. With this valuable input, we have developed this initial communication and program. In the spirit of a learning organization, we will continue to review the program and look for your key feedback and insights as we go forward. Active engagement and participation is the key to this program and it starts with each of you.

When Will Recyclables be Picked Up?

In order to carry-out the collection and disposal process in an efficient and cost effective manner, recycling and rubbish collection containers will be emptied on alternate days of the week.

  • Recycling baskets will be emptied on Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Garbage/Rubbish baskets will be emptied on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Where should I place my recyclables for pickup?

Recycling baskets which can be attached to rubbish containers, will be distributed on or before January 19, 2015. If you do not receive a basket by Monday January 19, 2015, please contact the facilities management office at 716-829-7744 and a team member will deliver one to you.

What is Recyclable at D'Youville?

The following items are to be placed in recycling collection containers:

  • All office paper, post-it-notes, brown paper bags
  • Newspapers and the materials bundled with newspapers
  • Phone books
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Catalogs, magazines and junk mail
  • Brown corrugated cardboard and cereal boxes
  • All metal food and beverage containers, metal lids and closure caps
  • Glass - clear, green and brown containers
  • Plastic 1-7, milk, water, juice, soft drink and detergent containers

What is Not Recyclable at D'Youville?

  • Napkins, tissues, paper towels, wrapping paper, wax paper and any food-soiled paper
  • Wax-coated cartons such as those used to package beverages, frozen and dairy containers
  • Foam plates & cups, plastic cup lids, snack bags and fast food containers
  • Broken glass, light bulbs, mirrors, Pyrex and Tupperware

Common Area Recycling Containers

There are various points throughout the campus that have larger recycling totes (for paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, metal) for everyone to use. Below are the locations for these recycling totes. Please take every opportunity to use them.

Alt Building (Dr. Pauline M. Alt Building)

  • 6th floor by elevator; 5th floor by elevator; 4th floor by elevator; 3rd floor by elevator; 2nd floor by elevator; 1st floor by room 137

BFAC- Bauer Family Academic Center

  • Lower level by elevators

College Center

  • First floor by the Bookstore (room 108); Lower level near room LL27

DAC (D'Youville Academic Center)

  • Lower level by the mailroom

D'Youville Education Center (DEC)

  • Main floor in the corridor by classroom #1

KAB (Koessler Administration Building)

  • 4th floor by room 431; 3rd floor by room 339; 2nd floor by Kavinoky Theater; 1st floor by elevator landing; Lower Level by room LL-21; all copy rooms including 4th floor kitchen, 3rd floor room 337 and 2nd floor room 208A

Madonna Hall & DaVinci High School

  • Lower level by room LL-21 (KAB)

Marguerite Hall

  • There are totes on each floor of the dorms for single stream recycling in all of the kitchens, (newspaper/cardboard, glass and plastic items). Please remember to kindly rinse out items to avoid contamination.

Montante Family Library

  • 4th floor by instruction room; 3rd floor by Journals; 2nd floor by Staff Room; Lower level by the Help Desk

Niagara Street Annex (NIA)

  • Main floor by the side entrance door by the staircase

Student Apartment Complex (APT)

  • There are totes on each floor of the apartments in front of the elevators for single steam recycling (newspaper/cardboard, glass and plastic items). Please remember to kindly rinse out items to avoid contamination.

More Information

Contact the facilities management office at 716-829-7677 with any questions or concerns.

Contact Us

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M-F: 7:30AM - 4:00PM

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