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Competitive Bid Policy

D'Youville Academic Center with Armory in background

Learn about the competitive bid policy for D'Youville-related purchases.

The competitive bid policy at D'Youville ensures the best and most competitive pricing for the goods and services that D'Youville purchases.

The purchasing department is charged with the responsibility to monitor competitive written bids from three or more vendors when the estimated total value of the requested purchase is $15,000 or greater for goods (equipment, materials, supplies, etc.) or services.

If the campus department is soliciting bids on their own, a $15k+ Approval Form (PDF) and at least three written bids must accompany the requisition/purchase order form that is submitted to the purchasing department.


It is expected that all budget administrators for D'Youville will secure goods and services competitively. However, there are instances when competitive bidding is not possible:

  • Sole Source:When there is only one company who provides goods or services for the requested purchase; the request for goods or services is unique in design, performance, or user specification.
  • Emergency: the goods or services are needed to correct or prevent an emergency repair or replacement of existing equipment essential for daily operation.

When exceptions occur, complete a Sole Source Justification Form (PDF), attach it to the $15k+ Approval Form (PDF), and submit it to the purchasing department to accompany the purchase order.

The purchasing department will gladly provide assistance for compliance with this policy.