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General Education

Professor Craig Tyson teaching a religion course at D'Youville College

D'Youville offers an expansive curriculum in the Liberal Arts and Sciences that emphasizes the practical, intellectual, personal, and social proficiency employers desire.

At D’Youville, we encourage you to learn not only about what you want to do, but what you’re passionate about. Create a path of exploration addressing essential skills specifically tailored to your personal and professional goals. 

Your General Education curriculum will add value to your major with a themed journey that features meaningful electives to complete your degree based on your goals and interests.

Our academic advisors collaborate with you to discover the courses that most interest and challenge you. Together, you can create a path of exploration that addresses the essential skills specifically tailored to your personal and professional goals.

A Gen Ed Program Integrated With Your Major

Integration is the focus of the new General Education curriculum, helping you make connections while you learn and grow. Courses are centered on objects of common value: themes, a common read, an interdisciplinary problem-solving lab, and a consolidating capstone course.

Launch Your Quest

 Depending on your status, you'll begin your first year or transfer experience courses.


Chart Your Path

Continue your Gen Ed education as you explore a variety of courses linked to essential skills.


Arrive at Your Destination

Demonstrate your skills in an integrative capstone that combines your major and your Gen Ed experiences.

A Flexible Transfer Policy

The General Education program is designed to allow transfer students credit for their previous coursework while ensuring they also benefit from the expansive educational experience offered to all students at D'Youville.

Amassed Credits by Transfer General Education Credits Required
0-12 credits 30 credits
13-24 credits 24 credits
25-36 credits 15 credits
37-48 credits 12 credits
48+ credits 0 credits