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Honors Program

Students studying together in the DAC.

Dare to know! Join the D'Youville honors program and benefit from your dedication to learning as you connect with a community that shares your passion and curiosity for self-improvement and discovery. 

The D'Youville Honors Program is about more than just academic achievement — it's about thinking for yourself and taking your knowledge out into the world in exciting, innovative, and liberating ways. It’s about connecting what’s happening in your classes to the world at large. If you want to join a community of passionate learners who are ready to get more out of their education, the D'Youville Honors program is for you.

Apply to Honors

  Benefits of the Program

The Honors Program offers participants the opportunity to learn and grow alongside other highly-motivated and passionate students. Organized into cohorts, students join a fun and supportive learning community, forging what will hopefully be lifelong bonds.

  Admission To the Program

The Honors Program is open to students in any major at D’Youville College. The application is competitive, with strong applications showing evidence of internal motivation, growth, potential, and commitment to critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Students with strong interest are encouraged to contact an academic advisor or the director of the program.  

More Information

Students interested in learning more about the D'Youville Honors Program should contact:
Brandon Absher, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

If you're ready to apply, just complete the following form. Before starting your application, please be sure to have your information, contact information for your two references, and your two essays available since the form will not save your progress if you navigate away from this webpage. Students may also use the form below to apply to D'Youville's Leadership Program. Find details and requirements for D'Youville's Leadership Scholars Program.

Essay Topics (250-500 words, each):
  Deadline to Apply: (Check back in the spring)