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Organizations and Researchers involved with CRPASH

CRPASH functions as an organizational hub for bringing researchers and organizations together in order to conduct relevant research and policy initiatives. We also provide evaluation research skills to help community-based organizations and educational institutions to understand and enhance the effectiveness of their programs.

Evaluation Research Partnerships

CRPASH Partners With Buffalo Public Schools on School Wellness Efforts

The faculty of CRPASH partners with the Buffalo Public Schools Director of Health Related Services and the District Wellness Coordinator on an ongoing basis. They have provided assistance with a number of school wellness-related activities, including:

  • evaluating employee wellness status and needs,
  • advocating for adherence to New York State physical education regulations,
  • advocating and participation in the development and implementation of comprehensive health education curricula,
  • training and technical support to parent and student members of school wellness teams,
  • annual school wellness team leadership training,
  • planning and evaluation of the Farm to School grant,
  • placement of student interns in schools to support wellness work,
  • assistance with school level data collection that informs wellness-related activities.

Sports, Physical Activity, and the Well-Being of Rural and Urban Girls in Western New York

Through a partnership with Dr. Cheryl Cooky, PhD at Purdue University in Indiana, Dr. Cadzow will be conducting focus groups with parents and girls about sport and physical activity participation. The primary purpose of this project is to identify effective best practices and policies that successfully increase urban and rural girls’ participation in sport.

Since there is a lack of empirical evidence on why urban and rural girls are less likely to participate in organized sports, or of best practices to increase girls' sport participation, the proposed project will utilize multi-method, qualitative approaches consisting of parent and child focus groups and program director interviews. The results will provide key insights into barriers and facilitators to sport participation. These results will inform the design and development of a larger quantitative project to assess sport programs nationwide.

Tools for GoGirlGo

CRPASH researchers worked with the Women's Sports Foundation's (WSF) GoGirlGo program in order to develop an evaluation process and measurement tools. CRPASH designed and implemented a test-retest study of GoGirlGo in two different cities (Boston, MA and San Antonio, TX). The GoGirlGo program works to improve the health of sedentary girls and to keep girls involved in physical activity by supporting programs and organizations that work with girls. The WSF GoGirlGo cities include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Antonio.


Organizations in the Network

CRPASH Founding Director and Senior Advisor, Don Sabo, PhD, has worked with the following organizations in order to understand the contributions of sports and physical activity to human health.

CRPASH Director, Renee Cadzow, PhD, has worked in the Buffalo and Western New York region with the following organizations to facilitate environment and policy change that promotes increased physical activity and improved nutrition. She has served on a number of school district wellness committees, assisted with the writing, implementation, and evaluation of Carol M. White Physical Education Program Grants, and served on committees and coalitions related to improving access to food and physical activity, increasing rates of breastfeeding, and creating healthy neighborhoods.

Make a Difference

The cutting-edge research and program evaluation work conducted by CRPASH is made possible through generous donor support and research grants.

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