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D’Youville is devoted to balancing the requirements of researchers with our committed support of our military aligned community.

In an effort to protect both our students and the researchers who study them, the D'Youville Institutional Review Board reviews all studies that are conducted using D’Youville students as subjects. This review is typically completed in three to four weeks for exempt or expedited reviews. Standard reviews will take longer. 

Individuals who need help with the process are encouraged to contact the VMARC for assistance.

To begin the proposal process, researchers must collect and submit the following information:

  • A copy of the IRB approval letter from your institution
  • A copy of the appropriate D’Youville IRB application (expedited, exempt, or standard) which can be found at our IRB website
  • A copy of the survey instrument or data collection tool that will be used
  • A copy of the implied consent notice if not included in the survey instrument
  • An abstract or brief summary of the study being conducted
  • The IRB number of the IRB that granted your approval

Materials should be submitted to VMARC at Our office will forward this material to the D’Youville Institutional Review Board.

If D’Youville’s Institutional Review Board grants approval for your research you will be notified and our office will prepare to distribute your survey to the appropriate students on campus.

The D’Youville campus community includes veterans, active duty, guardsmen, reservists, dependents, spouses, and others who identify as military affiliated. Researchers who intend to limit their study to one or more of these groups should specify as much in the cover email that will be distributed to the students or ask a series of questions in their survey to segment the respondents for their research purposes.

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Once you have collected your materials, begin the proposal process by submitting them to VMARC.

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