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At D’Youville, we prepare you to be successful in your career … and we’re with you every step of the way.

a liberal arts education

We’re committed to providing you with an education based on the liberal arts tradition that goes beyond just teaching job skills. As a student at D’Youville, you’ll learn how to think critically, work with others, be a leader, and communicate effectively…all skills that today’s employers look for in the people that they hire.

Unflagging Support

Our accessible faculty, small classes, and comprehensive student support facilities will always be there to help you succeed, no matter what the challenge. If you need help, we’ll be there for you.

professor craig tyson teaching religious studies
At D'Youville, you experience a General Education curriculum based on the greatest thought in history.
Professor Wilfred DuBois teaching

Learn from professors, not teaching assistants.

Unfortunately, more and more students at other institutions are finding out that while they’re paying for a college education, they’re learning from people who are still in college. We don’t do that at D’Youville. We take our commitment to prepare you for your career seriously and make sure that you'll learn from the best.

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Nursing student working in interdisciplinary lab

Our graduates succeed…and we can prove it.

Our graduates go places, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Whether you want to go to graduate school once you’ve earned your degree or jump into the workplace, you can be confident that D’Youville will prepare you for what’s ahead.

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Students being tutored at D'Youville's Learning Center

If you want to learn, we've got your back

Many of our students take advantage of our popular Learning Center where they can receive tutoring, workshops, and other forms of help with their studies.

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Student doing research in microbiology

Don’t just learn new knowledge. Help create it.

D’Youville offers numerous opportunities for undergraduates to engage in research with our faculty. Not only will you gain the kind of valuable research experience employers and graduate schools are looking for, but you’ll also have the opportunity to advance the knowledge in your chosen field.

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Student enrolled in education combined degree doing student teaching

Don’t wait to get started in your professional career.

Many of our programs offer a combined bachelors/masters track which allows students who’ve maintained sufficient academic standards to begin taking graduate courses as early as their 3rd year. If you can’t wait to get your career started, this may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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