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The Business Department prepares its students for today's global business environment by providing theoretically sound instruction that centers on integrating classroom knowledge with professional application in fields of strategic and HRM management, marketing, accounting and finance, and international business.

The main focus is to develop important business, personal, and professional skills that are valuable in business and other related professions. Thus, business programs at D'Youville reflect the institution's commitment to academic, social, professional, and spiritual development of students.

The following are broad goals and strategies of the Business Department:
  • Prepare business managers for today's global environment by providing them with specialized training, skills, and knowledge in business.
  • Provide students with strong statistics, economics, and information technology background that serves as a foundation for more advanced areas of management, finance, accounting, international business, human resources management and marketing.
  • Integrate theoretical concepts with practical aspect of operational, functional and strategic areas of business.
  • Help students become strong researchers and thus, more effective decision-makers in today's corporate environment.
  • Prepare students in becoming more productive professional and ethical people through strong classroom instruction, professional training, volunteer work and community service, and participation in campus-wide activities and organizations.
  • Continuously revise and update program content and curriculum, as well as develop new programs that meet evolving market and corporate needs. Adhere to standards instituted by the accrediting agency, and strive to attain and retain accreditation from outside agencies.
  • Emphasize faculty research in both basic as well as application oriented areas.
  • Obtain tangible and intangible resources for the Business Department and its students.
  • Continue to develop, implement, and improve the student outcome assessment program to better gauge student as well as program performance. In addition, integrate and frequently update departmental outcome based strategic framework with the institutional strategic planning. Ensure that the department, and its various functioning entities, remain efficient, effective, and responsive to the student needs, at the same time, continuing to be an integral part of the institution and its future.