Study the traditional foundational areas of chemistry: inorganic, organic, physical, analytical and biochemistry.

Because a chemistry major can lead to almost limitless career possibilities, our program offers flexibility so that you can explore your interests. You may use your bachelor's degree to enter directly into industry, or go to graduate school and become a university professor, researcher or high school teacher.

D'Youville Chemistry

The chemistry BS program is now an ACS (American Chemical Society) approved program.

*Additionally, the biochemistry BS program was approved by NYSED this summer.


Our Mission

The Department of Chemistry is committed to creating a nurturing environment that supports student learning and research.

The faculty members are experts in their field and disseminate that knowledge to students and colleagues alike. The department aims to offer a rigorous and modern curriculum for chemistry majors and minors. Consistent with the mission of D’Youville, we seek to train leaders both inside and outside of the laboratory.

We prepare chemistry majors with the skills needed to be successful professionally as scientists and educators, or in post-baccalaureate studies. We also serve the campus community by offering introductory science courses that meet liberal arts requirements as well as chemistry courses required for professional degrees at D’Youville.

The department offers classroom, laboratory and research experiences that extend over each of the main areas of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic, biochemistry and physical chemistry). Our faculty members are mentors to undergraduate students partaking in research. They work directly and alongside the students during the research experience.

Through hands-on experimentation in the chemistry laboratories, students gain valuable experience in a specific area of chemistry. They will have opportunities to present their research at local and national conferences and symposia, engaging fellow students and researchers from across the D’Youville community to across the nation.