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MBA (Online, On Campus)

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Earn your MBA at D'Youville in as little as 17 months — online or on campus — and gain the leadership skills and knowledge needed to take your career to the next level.

Overview & Distinctions


The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the global nonprofit council of business schools, recently reported that “more than a decade of research … reveals two truths — business school graduates are highly employable and they credit their degrees for the opportunity to advance their careers.”

A worldwide survey of MBA program graduates found:

  • 92% of graduates agreed that their MBA prepared them to take on leadership roles in their organization,
  • 87% of graduates stated that their MBA helped them advance faster in their careers,
  • 86% said that getting an MBA increased their earning potential,
  • 95% felt that earning an MBA clearly impacted their career in a positive way so much that they’d recommend a graduate business education to other people.

Earn Your MBA Online or On Campus in as Little as 17 Months with Our Accelerated Program 

If you’re ready to give your career a boost by earning your MBA, D’Youville provides two formats, online and on campus, perfect for working adults who don’t want to (or can’t) put their careers on hold in order to earn their degrees. Our unique accelerated format for our IACBE-accredited MBA program means that only one course is taken at a time, allowing you to immerse yourself in one subject at a time.

Every five weeks you’ll begin a new course, allowing you to master each specialized area before moving on to the next. You'll be able to immediately apply the knowledge you gain each semester to your current career while developing the skills required to shift to your ideal industry or take your current career to the next level.

Why Choose D'Youville?

We know that there are many options available for  individuals who want to pursue an MBA. What’s the D’Youville difference?

  • D'Youville's MBA program is one of the fastest to completion and most affordable MBA options in Western New York.
  • We offer an IACBE-accredited program tailored for working adults that combines the advantages of face-to-face classroom learning with the flexibility of online learning, to allow you to join in virtually anywhere.
  • With our accelerated format, you will focus on one class at a time, mastering each topic area before moving on to the next, without having to juggle multiple classroom commitments.
  • Our MBA program draws upon over a century of D’Youville’s commitment to compassionate, ethical scholarship in the liberal arts, allowing us to offer a truly interdisciplinary MBA program that provides perspectives on business from nearly every angle.
  • Our faculty brings their real-world business experience to everything they teach. They are the link between theory and practice, allowing students like you to apply what you learn to actual business situations.
  • The D’Youville MBA’s focused approach transforms students into effective decision makers, whether in human resources, marketing, financial management, or other areas of business.
  • Small classes allow faculty to work directly with students while enabling students to get to know each other, expanding their networks, building professional contacts, and forming the kinds of relationships that last long after graduation.


At D'Youville we understand that financing your MBA degree can be difficult. That's why we we ensure various forms of financial aid are available to all students through scholarships, grants, and loans. Some affordability highlights are:

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for applicants entering as graduate students in the MBA program are as follows:

Admission Requirements
Bachelor's degree in business from an accredited college or university*
A minimum of 3.0 GPA (4.0 system) at the undergraduate level
Over two years of full-time employment experience in a professional, corporate, or business environment is preferred
Personal statement of purpose outlining applicants professional goals and objectives
Two letters of recommendation from employers, professional supervisors/colleagues, or previous professors
International Students: A minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 550 is required or completion of D'Youville's Intensive English Program.

*Other majors are welcome to apply. Students possessing degrees in non-business majors are required to successfully complete five online modules prior to the start of the program.

Technical Requirements

Online Program Technical Requirements

As a student in D'Youville's online programs, you are required to have use of an up-to-date computer and the ability to access high-speed internet. You must also have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and know how to navigate the internet with a browser.

Computer Requirements

For network integrity and support purposes, D'Youville policy requires that all computers used on the campus network meet minimum requirements for hardware and software. Your computers should also have the following components:

  • Up-to-date computer, laptop or desktop (no older than 3 years)
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Web camera capable of video web conferencing
Operating Systems and Browser Requirements

Courses at D’Youville are managed through the Canvas Learning Management System to ensure simple access to documents, grades, and other materials. Canvas supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and newer (users on Windows 10 need to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to submit Canvas assignments)
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer

Canvas supports the current and first previous major releases of the following browsers:

Software Requirements

Student documents and assignments must be created and edited using Microsoft Office products. All enrolled students have access to the full Microsoft Office suite through their Office 365 accounts.

For a complete list of technical requirements, view the Canvas Technical Requirements and the Blackboard Technical Requirements.


Course Requirements

The on-campus MBA program format consists of Saturday in-class sessions (8:00 AM to 3:00 PM) and online asynchronous assignments.

Term 1
Course Number Course Name Credits
MBA 501

Business Methods Statistics

This course will prepare the graduate student to apply and analyze the descriptive and inferential methods of statistics. The use of computer models will enhance the underlying mathematical concepts that the student will be expected to synthesize. There will be a particular emphasis on research, including design, the collection of data, and an analysis of that data through competent statistical compilation.

Prerequisites: None

MBA 603

Financial & Management Accounting

As an introduction, a basic financial accounting review is provided. U.S. financial accounting is related to global international accounting. Financial accounting is bridged to managerial accounting. Managerial accounting is defined and contrasted with financial accounting. The process of managerial accounting and its use by managers in an organization is described and assessed. Major cost accounting systems and how they work in our modern technological environment are reviewed and analyzed. Planning and control systems in current organizations are examined through budgeting, standard costing and responsible accounting principles. Use of managerial accounting for decision making and financial statement analysis completes the managerial accounting process.

Prerequisites: None

MBA 604

Human Resources Management

Strategic management of human resources in any organization must be addressed within the larger scope of strategic business planning and leadership. People are often the competitive advantage in an organization, but only when the human-focused policies and practices align with the strategic directions of the organization. This three credit hour, graduate level course will provide students with the ability to formulate and analyze human resources policies and practices in a strategic manner to positively impact the operations of their organizations.

Prerequisites: None


 Subtotal: 9

Term 2
Course Number Course Name Credits
MBA 602

Theories of Economics

This course goes beyond just the principles of macro and microeconomics and teaches business decision making by allowing students to both understand the economic issues involved in and apply economic theories to the analysis of concrete, real world problems. The course attempts to synthesize theoretical principles of economics with functional areas of business as a foundation for higher-level business courses.

Prerequisites: None

MBA 611

Organizational Leadership

An effective manager needs to be able to lead a group of people toward the accomplishment of organizational objectives. A good leader will also be able to analyze the leadership style and methods of other leaders using critical thought and the application of well-researched theories of leadership. Students will also formulate a personal philosophy of leadership to guide future decisions and actions.

Prerequisites: None

MBA 612

Legal Environment in Business

This course is an analysis and application of the U.S. corporate law and practice from the perspectives of practitioners. This legal analysis and application (through case studies) includes corporate governance principles, contracts, and business tort laws. In addition, this course explores the U.S. securities law, evidence of indebtedness, investment contracts, and certificates of interest in profit-sharing agreements.

Prerequisites: None


Subtotal: 9

Term 3
Course Number Course Name Credits
MBA 615

Marketing Management

This course presents the importance of the marketing function in the strategic management of the organization. Within the framework of the marketing discipline, students will learn how to ascertain customer needs and to strategically plan to fill those needs while serving an increasingly diverse population. Also considered in this course are issues such as electronic marketing, environmentalism, consumerism and consumer life-style. As part of this course, students will identify actual consumer needs and devise a comprehensive strategic marketing plan.

Prerequisites: None

MBA 616

Corporate Finance

This course will prepare the graduate student to apply and analyze sophisticated methods of investment decision making in a corporate environment. This will include the ability to combine the results of different analyses, as well as the discernment of the most appropriate tool in a given circumstance. There will be a particular emphasis on research, including problem solving in a practical business setting.

Prerequisites: MBA-603

MBA 623

Special Topics in Business Management

This course is designed to help students gain in-depth knowledge of current management issues; specific problems and issues related to organizational change; analysis of human resources; operations, and strategic management, finance and investments; or in areas of international trade and global management. Students interested in a particular area of business can enhance their knowledge, skills, and research in this special topics course.

Prerequisites: None


Subtotal: 9

Term 4
Course Number Course Name Credits
MBA 624

Global Supply Chain Management

This course examines the increasing importance of transportation and logistics to the movement of goods and services in today’s global economy. Transportation issues related to policy and regulation, carrier operations, and business logistics (from user’s perspective) are explored and analyzed in detail, both on the domestic as well as international levels. Other issues such as supply chain management, export/import operations management and documentation, and management techniques related to logistics and traffic management operations are also discussed.

Prerequisites: None

MBA 655

Strategic Management

This course explores the issues of defining corporate mission, objectives, and goals. Participants focus on the analysis of the firm's external and internal environment to identify and create competitive advantage in a global context. The course emphasizes the cultural, ethical, political, and regulatory issues facing any global business environment, and the need for leadership for a successful management of strategic change. The course serves as a capstone for students to integrate functional areas with the overall strategic issues facing companies in today's business environment.

Prerequisites: Complete 30 MBA credits.

MBA 606

Operations Management

This course focuses on the strategic implementation of operations management tools and techniques to guide decisions related to the process of converting resources into products or services. Decision making and planning to improve core operational capabilities including design and management of operations based on the tools and techniques of operations management are addressed.

Prerequisites: MBA-501


Subtotal: 9

Total Credits: 36 

 Note: Order of courses may change.



Almost anyone who’s a professional or aspires to a professional career can benefit from earning their MBA. Earning an MBA can have a huge impact on your future opportunities and can help you learn the skills you’ll need to succeed in nearly any profession.

Studies evaluating  the impact an MBA has on a professional’s career has shown that earning an MBA is one of the best investments you can make in your future.

  • Bloomberg’s survey of 6,400 MBA graduates found that those who used their MBA to switch careers enjoyed a median pay increase of $55,000. Their survey also found that those who stayed in the same field still enjoyed a median $47,000 salary increase.
  • A GMAC survey of students in their final year of business school found that 62% of students about to graduate who were looking for a job had an offer of employment before graduation. Students who planned on staying with their current employer reported expecting an average 36% salary increase after completing their degrees.
  • The Financial Times annual survey of MBA graduates found that, on the average, three years after graduation MBA grads saw their salaries increase between approximately 50% to as much as 145%, depending on the age when they began their MBA.
  • Earning your MBA can provide greater benefits than just a potential increase in salary. It can also provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in an increasingly uncertain world. As Alison Goggin, Executive Director of MBA Admissions at the NYU Stern School of Business explained in TIME magazine recently, an MBA is essential for professionals who want to thrive in today’s economy:  “We live in a constantly evolving world. Companies are changing the way they do things. New industries and types of companies are emerging. Having an MBA will ensure you are prepared to flourish in this environment. An MBA gives you a broad base of business knowledge, the confidence and the network to embark on any kind of opportunity, whether it’s at your current organization, a new one or in your own business.”

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