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The Department of Chiropractic at D'Youville, through quality academics, research, scholarship, and service, prepares future and existing doctors of chiropractic as primary healthcare practitioners and for a significant role among the health professions.

Vision Statement

D'Youville Department of Chiropractic faculty, students and alumni are actively engaged with the chiropractic profession and the wider world, influencing both through education, research, and service. As a result, members of the chiropractic profession are respected partners with all other healthcare professions in the delivery of direct services to patients, the implementation and development of patient-centered best practice protocols, and the use of integrative clinical management strategies that improve health outcomes.

Strategic Intent

The Department of Chiropractic at D'Youville will be a recognized center of excellence in chiropractic education, practice and research, and the first choice for chiropractic students both nationally and internationally. The Department of Chiropractic adheres to the core values and principles of D'Youville. In addition we bring forward the following as having particular importance to the Department:

Core Values

  • Evidence-based best practice is at the center of what the department teaches and is the foundation of our research.
  • Social responsibility is important to the profession and is demonstrated by contributing to the health and well-being of patients, the community, and at risk populations through advocacy, education, volunteerism and service.
  • Continuous quality improvement is the means to discovering best practices and providing the very best clinical and teaching outcomes.
  • Collaboration with other departments and health professions is beneficial within the context of our mission and is fundamental to achieving our goals.

Value Proposition

The Department of Chiropractic at D'Youville, as part of the School of Health Professions in an academic-focused institution, is built around the best interests and broader success of each individual student and offers the most comprehensive and integrated approach to chiropractic education.


The imperatives around which our goals, strategies and objectives are developed include:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Enhanced Research Profile
  3. Marketing and Enrollment
  4. Personal Development and Social Responsibility
  5. Program Development
  6. Financial Resource Development
  7. Facilities