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The Health Administration and Public Health Department at D'Youville educates individuals with diverse professional backgrounds to organize, coordinate, and manage the delivery of healthcare services and provides leadership direction and strategic planning in health service organizations.

The research mission is to develop within students an appreciation of research by involvement in research activities.

The goals of the Health Administration and Public Health Department are as follows:

  • The utilization of in-depth knowledge, skills, and standards of practice in one's profession to contribute to the betterment of society.
  • The contribution to the further development of one's profession by the testing and evaluation of theories and innovative, interdisciplinary models of services/programs/care.
  • Collaboration with other professionals to foster empowerment within the healthcare or educational system.
  • Demonstrate professional responsibility and accountability by participating in activities that contribute to personal and professional growth through research and scholarly discourse with peers.

(adopted 1997)