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The preceptor program is a vital component of our students' education and we encourage you to join us and make an impact in the lives of our students.

The D'Youville Physician Assistant Department extends our sincere thanks to our preceptors for their hard work, dedication, and support of our Physician Assistant program. The knowledge, skills and overall expertise that they pass along to our students in the clinical setting cannot be achieved in a classroom setting and is integral to their education.

Please use this page as a resource for information on becoming a preceptor, preceptor guidelines, evaluations, preceptor benefits, and more or contact the Physician Assistant department for more information.

Become a Preceptor

Becoming a Preceptor

The D'Youville Physician Assistant Department will utilize professional members of the healthcare community to precept our physician assistant students during their clinical rotations.

Students complete rotations in internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, general pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, geriatrics, orthopedics, primary care and two elective rotations. The clinical rotations may take place in office-based or hospital settings in rural, suburban, and urban locations.

Why Precept?

Have you wanted to find a way to give back to the healthcare profession in a way that will have a lasting impact? Becoming a preceptor is a wonderful way to make a positive impact on students, the health profession, and your clinical site. 

Reasons to consider becoming a preceptor:

  • Help to train future PAs by sharing your expertise
  • Find potential employees through precepting
  • Students bring new ideas and fresh energy to your clinical site
  • Earn CME credits and D’Youville Tuition Waivers

Who is Eligible to Precept

  • A medical doctor (MD), doctor of osteopathy (DO), physician assistant (PA), nurse practitioner (NP), or certified nurse mid-wife (CNM)
  • Must hold a current valid, unrestricted license and be in good standing with your state licensing board
  • As noted in the Accreditation Standards for Physician Assistant Education©(4th Edition), Standard B3.06: Supervised clinical practice experiences should occur with:
    • Physicians who are specialty board certified in their area of instruction,
    • Physician assistants (PAs) teamed with physicians who are board-certified in their area of instruction, or
    • Other licensed healthcare providers experienced in their area of instruction
  • Clinician should have practiced for at least one year in their current discipline prior to precepting students.
  • Individuals with an interest in supervising physician assistant students for clinical rotations and sharing their knowledge, experience, and passion for healthcare with the student are encouraged to consider becoming preceptors.

Process for Becoming a Preceptor

  • Initiate the process by contacting the Physician Assistant Department to express interest in precepting students.
  • The Physician Assistant Department will provide detailed expectations regarding the rotation. If the site is able to fulfill the requirements of the rotation, the clinical coordinator will then send the rotation objectives and clinical schedule for the current clinical year to the site.
  • Once the site is approved of meeting the requirements of rotation, the process for obtaining an affiliation agreement will begin.
    • If a current affiliation agreement is already established between your clinical site and the D'Youville Physician Assistant Department, the department will proceed with the scheduling of PA students with you and your facility.
    • If an affiliation agreement is not already in place between your clinical site and the D’Youville Physician Assistant Department, we will initiate an affiliation agreement and notify the approved preceptor once a fully-executed agreement is in place.

Current Preceptors

Current Preceptors

The D'Youville Physician Assistant Department is very grateful to each of our clinical preceptors, who provide such an excellent learning experience for our students. We know that without this extraordinary sharing of your time and experience, we could never accomplish our goal of preparing these students to be exemplary health care providers.

Important Information for Current Preceptors

  • Our clinical cycle begins in May and ends the following April. (e.g., May 2018 through April 2019). View the 2018-2019 clinical rotation schedule.
  • Students complete rotations in internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, general pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, geriatrics, orthopedics, primary care and two elective rotations.
  • The clinical rotations may take place in office-based or hospital settings in rural, suburban, and urban locations.
  • The clinical phase of our program is 18 months in length. View the physician assistant curriculum.
  • A confirmation of rotation letter will be sent to you to confirm a PA student for clinical rotation.
  • Each student must be evaluated by the preceptor in order to receive a grade for their clinical rotation. The evaluation can be completed electronically or via paper. 
  • Each student is also required to submit an online evaluation of the clinical site and preceptor upon completion of each rotation. The results of these aggregate evaluations are then shared with the preceptor and clinical site at the end of each clinical year.
  • Each student is periodically evaluated by Physician Assistant Department faculty members during the clinical phase. The faculty member will make arrangements in advance with the clinical site to ensure a convenient time for the visit. If a preceptor has concerns about a student’s progress during a rotation, a site visit may be requested by the preceptor at any time by contacting the clinical coordinator.
  • Each student will bring a current copy of physical, immunizations, and certifications on the first day of clinical rotation. If these are required prior to rotation, please notify the Physician Assistant Department at 716-829-7610.

On an Annual Basis

  • If contact information has changed, please submit to program coordinator.
  • A letter with the clinical cycle schedule will be sent to each preceptor on an annual basis to determine your availability. The preceptor availability will be used to schedule PA students for upcoming cycle of clinical rotations.
  • Tuition waiver credits will be mailed to preceptors on a bi-annual basis.
    • Precepting students May through December – tuition waivers mailed the beginning of January of that clinical cycle
    • Precepting students January through April – tuition waivers mailed end of April of that clinical cycle.

Preceptor Benefits

Preceptor FAQ

Preceptor FAQ

What is required for the clinical experience?

During the clinical experience students will complete the minimum 40 hours per week of clinical hours according to the schedule set by the preceptor. Each clinical experience has specific rotation objectives to help guide the clinical experience.

These objectives are provided to the students in the Clinical and Graduate Phase Manual and are provided to the preceptor via initial communication as well as on an annual basis when providing availability for the upcoming clinical year.

How many clinical hours are the students expected to work per week?

Students are expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week. The schedule is set by the preceptor. If a preceptor's hours exceed 40 hours in a given week, then the student is expected to stay (in surgery, rounding in hospital, labor/delivery, clinic, etc.) with his/her preceptor, unless the student has informed the preceptor of special circumstances that would make that not possible.

It is our expectation that the student will make every effort to comply with the schedule as determined by the preceptor, and that failure to do so should be reported to the D'Youville PA Department.

Are the students scheduled off during holidays or when the college campus is closed?

If a student's clinical schedule falls on a holiday, the student is expected to follow the preceptor’s schedule. If the preceptor works through the holiday, the student is expected to do the same. Exceptions are made, however, for religious observance, if requested by the student and approved by the PA Department.

Can I assign extra reading, practice questions, or studying during the clinical rotation?

Preceptors should feel free to assign readings to students as they pertain to their area of specialty and/or upcoming medical cases. Readings or extra study may also be assigned by a preceptor to a student for the purpose of ongoing clinical enrichment or if the preceptor notices specific knowledge deficits that would benefit from additional study.

Are students allowed times off of rotation?

Students are not allowed time off of regularly scheduled clinical hours, except in cases of illness or emergency. The students are required to call you to report unexpected absences, and there is a space for you to note these absences on the students' final evaluation form.

Any other time off must be approved by the PA Department in advance and the preceptor will be notified by the student of the excused absence. Students are not allowed "study days" off, prior to taking exams on campus on scheduled Senior Days at the end of each rotation month.

Can I take the student with me to other clinical sites?

The D'Youville Physician Assistant Department must have an affiliation agreement in place with each preceptor employer as well as any affiliated sites a student may attend with their preceptor. When the preceptor contact information is submitted to the department, the information will indicate sites you are affiliated with and sites the student may attend with you during their clinical rotation.

The department will use this information to ensure we have affiliation agreements in place with these sites and notify the preceptor in the event an affiliation agreement will need to be put in place. Should the preceptor’s employer, clinical site, or affiliated site information change, please notify the PA department immediately so that we may update our information.

Can the student spend time with other colleagues of the same clinical practice?

Yes, as long as the clinician is employed by the same clinical practice.

Who do I contact with questions or comments regarding a student I am supervising?

Please do not hesitate to contact the department with any questions or concerns you may have regarding clinical rotation arrangements, requirements, objectives, questions, or concerns. Please contact Elizabeth Quinlan-Bohn, clinical coordinator at 716-829-8104 or via email at

For questions regarding clinical credentialing paperwork and rotation scheduling, please feel free to contact Laura Franklin, program coordinator at 716-829-7610 or via email at

How do I obtain immunization information required for the student to rotate at my clinical site?

Students are required to submit a copy of their current physical, immunizations, and certifications to their supervising preceptor on the first day of rotation. Should your clinical site require this information prior to the first day of rotation, please indicate this information when completing the clinical schedule form or contact the department program coordinator at 716-829-7610 or via email at

When and how do I complete a student evaluation?

Students will provide a copy of the evaluation form to you during each rotation month. Please return the completed evaluation to the department via email to, faxed to 716-829-7732, or in a sealed envelope to the attention of:

Physician Assistant Department
Attn: Laura Franklin, Program Coordinator
320 Porter Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14201 

Who do I contact regarding an affiliation agreement between the clinical site and D’Youville College Physician Assistant Department?

Please contact the PA Department office at 716-829-8104, or via email at, regarding all clinical affiliation agreement questions.

Have the students been trained in HIPAA, CPR, ACLS, other certifications?

Yes. It is a requirement of the program for students to be certified in the above certifications while on rotation.

Is the institution and student covered by malpractice insurance?

The institution and students are covered under the D'Youville malpractice insurance, which is renewed annually. If you are a current clinical site, you will receive a renewal certificate each year.

Should you not receive your malpractice renewal, please contact the PA Department at 716-829-7610. If you are a potential or new clinical site, a malpractice insurance certificate will be sent to you from our insurance company once a fully-executed agreement is in place between your clinical site and our department.

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Become a Preceptor

Use this form to determine clinical rotation dates and indicate your availability to graciously contribute to the education of our students.