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Kathleen Mariano

"Pediatric nursing is my area of clinical practice."

I became a nurse because I always wanted to work with children, particularly those with special needs. As a nurse I have multiple opportunities to promote the optimal health and well-being of children. I also have conducted research involving children and their healthcare. I've participated in clinical trials in Otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear) in children. Another research interest is the development and application of screening tools to identify developmental differences in children.

I began teaching at D'Youville in 2006. I enjoy sharing my clinical expertise so that our graduating nurses have the knowledge they need to provide quality patient care. I was involved in the development of our Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) clinical rotation program. We partner with community hospitals, where experienced staff nurses become clinical instructors of juniors and seniors in our bachelor's degree program. DEU differs from a usual clinical rotation because a relationship develops between the staff nurse, who serves as the instructor, and the student. This provides additional learning experiences for our students as they build their confidence, knowledge and skills.

Our students find the DEU program to be very valuable. It helps them understand what it means to be a nurse. They get to experience and truly understand the responsibility, expectations and satisfaction of patient care. This helps with the transition from the academic to the practice setting where they begin their role as a professional nurse.