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The Associate Dean of Research and The Office of Research, Resource, and Technology are committed to providing support to students, faculty, and research professionals working at D'Youville.

The School of Pharmacy at D'Youville believes research can lead to unique learning experiences that amplify student learning. The Associate Dean of Research, the Research Laboratory Manager, and the Office of Research, Technology, and Resource Management work to promote research opportunities and support those conducting research at D'Youville.

Anyone interested in pharmacy research opportunities at D'Youville is encouraged to contact the Office of Research, Resource, and Technology.

Why Explore Pharmacy Research at D'Youville:
  • D'Youville offers state of the art laboratories for research professionals and students to conduct their research.
  • One-on-one learning opportunities with faculty currently active in research create mentorship learning experiences.
  • D'Youville's affiliations with healthcare institutions and academic medical centers allow for connections with future peers.
  • Students gain the opportunity to publish their results, present at conferences, and learn new techniques.

Contact Us


Robert Dean 
Location: DAC 439
Phone: 716-829-8372

Dr. Mike Cimino 
Location: DAC 328
Phone: 716-829-8353