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Congratulations on your acceptance! We look forward to beginning a new academic year with you.

If you've been accepted, you should have received a signed letter of acceptance as part of the D'Youville enrollment packet. This packet will contain information about health and financial forms, mandatory health insurance, immigration processes and making a deposit.

Secure Your Place

First, fill out and mail back the Candidates Reply Form (PDF) mailed to you as part of your acceptance packet.

Submit Your Tuition Deposit

You can submit the enrollment deposit online, by mail, or in person. Deposit amounts vary according to program. More information about deposit amounts per program can be found on fees page.

Your payment must be postmarked by May 1 (fall applicants) or January 1 (spring applicants). This deposit confirms your place for the next term and is non-refundable after the deposit deadline.

Tip: Save a step and combine your tuition deposit with the $100 housing deposit!

Submit Your Enrollment Deposit

Submit Your Housing Deposit

$100 Housing Deposit

To reserve on-campus housing, you need to submit a housing deposit. You can submit the non-refundable deposit online, by mail, or in person. Tip: Save a step and combine your housing deposit with your tuition deposit!

The Office of Student Engagement will contact you with the housing forms, once your housing deposit has been processed. The housing forms, including the application and roommate questionnaire are also available online, beginning in April.

Submit Your Housing Deposit

Full Deposit Listings

Returning Student Housing:

Say Yes Housing:

D’Youville Deposits:

Doctor of Physical Therapy Deposits:

Housing Deposits:

Masters in Occupational Therapy Deposits:

Physician Assistant Deposits:

Say Yes Deposits:

New Student Orientation is Mandatory for International Students

Our New Student Orientation Program is mandatory for all incoming international students. It is scheduled three days before the fall semester begins.

Canadian students are invited and encouraged attend our U.S. orientation sessions. Check your email for dates and registration. 

Health Services and Insurance

All students who enter a new program at D'Youville, taking six (6) credits or more are required to submit health records in accordance with New York State Public Health Law Section 2165. We have partnered with well known Health Records company, CastleBranch to make this process easier for you to submit your health records.

Please follow this link to create your CastleBranch account: Your pin number will be your student ID number with the “00”.

To be compliant with New York State, you must provide proof of two (2) rounds of MMR vaccine or proof of immunity and proof of the meningitis vaccine within five (5) years submitted WITH the attached form. You may also waive your meningitis vaccine on the attached form.

You can download the app after you create your account and then you will be able to take picture of your immunization records right from your phone! If you search CastleBranch in your app store it will bring up “MyCB”; that is the app you want. Download it, and sign in with your user name and password. To upload documents, go to “To-Do Lists” click on the vaccine you need to upload and click “Upload File” It will bring up the option to take a picture or download from your files.

You are also able to have your vaccine records faxed directly to CastleBranch. In order to do so, you need to log into your account and go to the MyCB page, in your “To Do List” there will be an option to “mail or download cover sheet”. On the cover sheet will be a fax number where you can send the documents. Please remember to include all cover sheets, applicable documentation, and the attached form. Please note this form NEEDS to be submitted with your meningitis vaccine in order to be compliant.

If you are having issues submitting to CastleBranch, please visit this link for video tutorials:

Please call (716) 829-8451 if you have any further questions.

Health Insurance

The premium cost is currently $2682 per year, whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student. The cost of this insurance is placed on your tuition bill and your enrollment in the insurance program will be taken care of by D'Youville. 

After you enroll at D'Youville you will receive insurance enrollment information directly from the health insurance provider. The information will include a policy description and a benefit card. If you do not receive this information, please contact ISS at 716-829-7874

Entry Procedures

Entry Procedures & What to Bring

You should plan to arrive on the D'Youville campus in mid August for the Fall semester. Remember that you have to be on campus for the mandatory International Student Orientation.

You'll need to carefully follow specific entry procedures into the U.S.

Congratulations! You have obtained your F-1 student visa, made your flight arrangements, contacted the ISS and are coming for international student orientation. Here is what to expect when arriving at a US port of entry.

When arriving at a US port of entry

  • Be sure to remember your I-20 and your passport.
  • Do not enter on another school's certificate of eligibility.
  • Do not attempt to enter the country on a visitor/tourist visa (B2).
  • Expect to go through immigrations and customs when you reach the US port of entry.
  • You may be required to go through pre-inspection procedures at certain airports abroad.
  • Expect to have your fingerprints and a digital photograph taken.
  • At the immigrations booth you will have to present your I-20, your passport, and F-1 visa. New electronic I-94 procedures have been put into place at all air and sea ports. There will no longer be a paper I-94 stapled into the passport. You will receive a detailed information sheet on how to access it electronically. The ISS will assist you when you arrive on campus.

Further port of entry information can be found on the Department of Homeland Security website.

Please let International Student Services know immediately when you obtain your visa and what your flight plans are.

What to Bring

Here is a list of items you will either want to bring with you or purchase shortly after you arrive in the U.S.

Essential Items

  • Bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets)
  • Bath towels
  • Appropriate clothing for each season
    • Winter (-3C/25F) - hats, gloves, a warm coat, boots, and sweaters
    • Spring (10C/50F) - lightweight jacket
    • Summer (25C/75F) - shorts, t-shirts
    • Fall (10C/50F) - lightweight jacket
  • Money to purchase books and anything else you forgot to bring from home. You will need at least $1,000 to start. Once you get here we will help you establish a bank account, in which you can have money wired** to you from home. See the section below on bringing money into the U.S.
  • Notebooks, folders, pens, and pencils for classes. You can also purchase these items here.
  • Passport, I-20 and other documentation if required
  • Completed student health forms (if you did not send them ahead of time)
  • Phone


Make sure you review information on D'Youville's housing accommodations.

Declaring Currency

Please note the following from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website:

"Travellers leaving or entering the U.S. are required to report monetary instruments (i.e. currency or check) valued at $10,000 or more on a "Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments" from FinCEN 105" (available at or from a CBP officer) "Failure to declare currency in amount of over $10,000 can result it its seizure."

**Wire transfer information:

Key Bank National Association
Syracuse, New York 13202
ABA# 021300077
To credit:
D'Youville College A/C# 329681081017

Move in Day

  • You must contact the Office of Student Engagement before you come onto campus so that we can make housing arrangements for you. The Office of Student Engagement can be reached at  

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