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Prepare for your graduation by checking your eligibility, reviewing degree requirements, submitting your Application to Graduate and learning about the academic verification process.

Ensure your eligibility by checking your progress through Self-Service. We look forward to welcoming family and friends in the Commencement ceremony and festivities.

Graduation Information

Dear Graduates,
Congratulations on your upcoming Graduation!  I write with a few pieces of information for you:


  1. Welcome & Congratulations!
  2. Graduate Parking (include map)
    2. Cobblestone lot
    3. DY Shuttle doing loops
  • Family arrival
    1. HarborCenter Ramp
    2. $5 car/NO CASH ONLY CARD
    3. Water will be sold $1
    4. Handicapped seating around upper bowl
    5. They should go to level 7
  1. Virtual Engagement
    2. #dyugrad22
  2. Graduate Arrival
    1. Arrival to Harbor Center @ 8:30 am- to rink 2.
    3. Cooler inside rink 2; be prepared
    4. Wear sensible shoes
  3. Line up by School
    1. Cards at table; confirm phonetic spelling; add honors to card if you have honors!
    2. No order other than school
  • Procession Map
    1. 4 lines & seating arrangement
    2. Give Card to Tony Spina; want the name to be read as shaking President Clemo’s hand; shake with your right hand, take diploma with your left hand.
  • Ceremony
    1. Two hours; celebration afterwards from 12-2pm



Please speak with your primary academic advisor to check your status. This is crucial to make certain you are listed in the official commencement program, and we have your name and degree(s) listed correctly. You must apply to graduate and receive your degree. You may also check your status online through Self-Service. Instructions are listed in the Verification for Graduation tab on this page.

Those eligible to participate in the May commencement are:

  • December 2021graduates
  • May 2022 graduates
  • Summer 2022 graduates

Verification for Graduation

Verification for Graduation

Follow the steps to make sure you stay on track to graduate. You must first apply to graduate and receive academic verification, before you may attend the commencement ceremony or receive your diploma.

Check My Progress in Self-Service

Confirm that your major is listed correctly on the My Progress section of Self-Service. Self-Service can be accessed through My D'Youville. My Progress will list the major and degree that will appear on your diploma and in the graduation program.

If you are in two majors or 2 degree programs or have a minor, these will also be listed in My Progress. If your degree/major/minor is listed incorrectly or not listed on My Progress, contact the Office of the Registrar. Confirm that all your requirements are either completed or in progress.

If you have any requirements that are not started, see your advisor to ensure you graduate on time.

Submit Application for Graduation

You must submit an application for graduation form online through Self-Service to verify eligibility for graduation. To apply to graduate, you will need to complete the application for graduation online at the beginning of the semester prior to the semester in which you intend to graduate.

  • This should be completed no later than October 30 for students graduating in May or August of the following year.
  • Students who expect to graduate in December should complete the application for graduation by March 30 of the preceding spring semester.

Two Majors or Dual Degree programs

If you have two majors or are in a dual degree program or will be receiving two degrees, please submit an application for each major/degree.


Completion of the Application for Graduation establishes you as a degree candidate and initiates an academic verification review of your credentials. You will receive notification from your primary academic advisor only if you are missing any requirements.


Completion of the Application for Graduation establishes you as a degree candidate and initiates an academic verification review of your credentials. You will receive notification from your advisor only if you are missing any requirements.

Academic Attire

Dress Code

  • Academic attire includes the academic gown, hood, cap and dark shoes, preferably black. Underneath the academic attire, dark clothing is highly recommended.
  • The academic hood is not worn until it is officially placed on each student by a faculty member.
  • The tassel is worn on the right side until the very end of the graduation ceremony.

Cap, Gown, & Hood Orders

The cap, gown and hood that is required for Commencement will be available from the D'Youville Bookstore on a sales basis only.

The cost for graduate's academic regalia (cap, gown, and hood) is as follows:

  • Bachelor degrees: $94.29
  • Master degrees: $107.90
  • Doctoral degrees: $160.29

These prices include tax. 

The deadline to order regalia for the May 2022 commencement is April 1, 2022.

Contact the Campus Bookstore at 716-829-7666 with any questions, and email the bookstore at to place your order.
When placing your order, please remember to include the highest degree you are receiving, and your specific area of academic achievement.

Spring 2022 Commencement Program

Live Streams

Commencement - Live Stream 

Speak Up

Apply to deliver the student address at commencement. One undergraduate and one graduate student will be selected for this honor.


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